1914 Chalmers - Clinton Bowman
STEVE BOWMAN stands on the wonderfully wide running boards of his fathers 1914 Chalmers. Mrs. Clinton Bowman finds getting in and out easy even with added skirts and underskirts of her motoring costume. Husband, Clinton, agrees access is more to his liking than present day cars.
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1914 Chalmers

Clinton Bowman's big 1911 Chalmers made a comeback from the "mothball fleet."

When Bowman bought the car in 1956 from B. B. Briggs, Creston, it had been stored away for 32 years. The years in storage had saved a lot of road wear and tear, so reconditioning wasn't quite the job it might have been.

It has the original upholstery and would still have the same top, too, if the original one hadn't been torn in a drive up to Des Moines.

Bowman had to buy some new tires, work on the engine and he repainted the Chalmers light blue and black. But, he says, he hasn't had to do any more than general maintenance since.

A Big Car

When Bowman calls the car "big" he isn't exaggerating. The Chalmers rides high on 36 by 4 1/2 - inch tires, has a 132 inch wheel base and weighs 4,350 pounds.

It takes 18 volts of storage battery to wind it up. Once it's running, it will cruise down the highway "real easy" at 45 mph and can reach speeds up to 60 mph.

Reason that such a heavy old car can reach these speeds is that it has a six cylinder T. head engine which will deliver 55 horsepower.

Bowman recently bought a it spare engine" in case he ever needs parts for his auto. "None- of the parts are manufactured," he said, "and old engines are the only source."

Bowman said that he, his wife and son Steve like to take the car out on Sunday drives. "It rides real fine," he said.

Bowman, an Iowa Southern Utilities lineman who lives at __5 H___e, also owns a 1921 Dodge touring car and a Model A Ford.

Webmasters Note: This article originally appeared in The Hawk Eye Newspaper in or around 1963. It appeared as a feature of three SIACC members who would be participating in the Steamboat Days Parade. The Bowman family are still involved with the SIACC, though the Chalmers was sold many years ago and was last seen in California.

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