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Old Car Building
A picture taken at one of the first Old Threshers Reunions. Anyone recognize these cars?
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The Southeast Iowa Antique Car Club (SIACC) was formed in 1954 in the town of Mt. Pleasant Iowa. The initial group of members had been showing their cars at the "Old Threshers Reunion" held at McMillian Park in Mt. Pleasant since the beginning of the reunion in 1950. In 1954, the decision was made to form an official club dedicated to the preservation, restoration and admiration of old cars and all literature related to them. The group was to promote exhibitions, conduct meets, contests, games, parades tours and displays and social affairs for its members.

The articles of incorporation for the club list the following initial board members:

  • Noel C. Mullikin - President
  • Merle S. Smith - Vice President
  • William R. Van Brussel - Secretaty-Treasurer
  • Hamilton D. Williams
  • Robert Gray
  • Don C. Wilson
  • Ray Miner
  • John Duggins
  • Lawrence E. Parish

The group made many attempts to align itself with a national club, the "Horseless Carriage club of America (HCCA)", but letters sent back and forth between the SIACC and HCCA indicate that, at the time, the HCCA had rules in place which required local chapters to have a city name associated with them, like "The Mt. Pleasant Chapter of the HCCA". While this made a lot of sense in larger metropolitan areas, the SIACC members realized that in the rural areas like Mt. Pleasant, such a name would not be representative of the club. After many exchanges of letters, the SIACC decided to keep the name "Southeast Iowa Antique Car Club", and remain it's own entity. The decision does not appear to have had any negative effects on the group.

Old Car Building
SIACC member Lester Beck's 1916 Detroit Electric Car with KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders and Mr. Fritz Mayer.
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The SIACC has continued to participate with the Old Threshers reunion and through the years has entertained countless reunion visitors with such activities as car games and contests, hauling dignitaries around the grounds like mayors, governors, senators, 50th anniversary couples, Old Threshers award recipients and celebrities. In many surveys, reunion visitors rate the antique cars shown at the reunion near the top of the favorite attractions.

In the early years of the reunion, cars were displayed in a roped off area in the open air. Later on, cars were displayed in what is now the antiques building to the southeast of Snipe Run. In 1961, the two story Antique Car building was built and has been the reunion home of the SIACC ever since. In 1984, an additional building was added to the east of the Antique car building that is used to show Antique Trucks. The same year, a gas station display was added to the basement of the antique car building displaying the items typically found in an early gas station.

Old Car Building
Harold Rebling and the 1992 Old Threshers Featured Car: Harold's 1929 Ford Model "A" Roadster.
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In 1975, the SIACC started awarding a "Featured Car" award for each reunion. The purpose was to engage club members to restore cars and give members a place of honor when said restoration was completed. Each year since, the club has chosen a featured car and that car is placed at the south side of the top floor of the building as the first car you see when entering.

In the 1990's, SIACC members started presenting talks and demonstrations during the reunion. Topics have included "Early automobile transmissions", "The Model T Planetary Transmission", "Vacuum Tank Theory", "Carbide Lights", "2 verses 4 cycle engines", "Stanley Steamer demonstrations", "Delora Steamer demonstration", "Ford Quadra-cycle talk", and "Differences in the Model T Ford". Similar talks continue to this day on each of the days of the reunion. Check programs for details.

Also in the 1990's, a team of SIACC members got together and assembled a Model T Ford in front of an attentive crowd in the grandstand. The event has continued ever since and has become a favorite activity of many reunion visitors.

Club activities also happen outside of the yearly reunion. Every month of the year you can find SIACC members gathering to discuss and share their interest in antique cars. Such activities include a soup supper in February, Chicken BBQ in May, and Christmas party in December. You will notice that most, if not all activities in some way involve food.

Car Club Gathering
Southeast Iowa Antique Car Club - Members and guests photographed at Wright Fieldhouse in Keokuk, Iowa. Sunday, October 12, 1958. Front row; Mrs. Arlene Gredell & 1925 Buick Sport Phaeton; Mr. & Mrs. Pat Rashid, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hadank of Peoria, Ill. and 1920 Nash Touring; Mr. Clarence Jingst of Keokuk and 1908 Hupmobile Roadster; 1932 DeSoto Custom Roadster owned by Leo Gredell of Keokuk; Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Kitch & Family of Mount Pleasant & 1918 Overland. Middle Row;Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Shelledy of New London & 1927 Chevrolet 4 dr. sedan; Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Sheppard of Peoria, Ill, & 1914 Ford Touring; Mr. & Mrs. Merle Smith & Family of Mt. Pleasant & 1916 Olds V-8 Touring; Mr. & Mrs. William Sater and Son of Mt. Pleasant & 1912 Overland Touring; Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gray of New London & 1924 Ford Roadster; Mr. & Mrs. Bugene Smith * Joe Greenslaugh of Hamilton, Ill. & Jingst's 1925 Dodge Touring. Back Row; Ivan Keesey of Keokuk and 1930 Ford A 2 dr. Sedan; Pat Cahill & Bob Barton & 1917 Ford Touring owned by Jack Daly of Burlington; Donald Beck of Danville and 1923 Haynes Touring; 1914 Chalmers Touring owned by Mr. & Mrs. Clint Bowman of Burlington; Mr. & Mrs. John Duggins & Son of Mt. Pleasant * 1912 Ford Touring; Mr. & Mrs. Major Watkins & Family of Yarmouth & 1926 Ford Touring; David Keesey of Keokuk & 1928 Dodge 4 dr. - Photography by Leo W. Gredell.
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Over the years, the SIACC has been featured numerous times in local newspapers. In 1963, to advertise club members participation in an upcoming Steamboat Days Parade in Burlingtion, Iowa, three club members and their cars were featured in the Burlington paper, The Hawk Eye. The members were John J. Daly and his 1917 Model T (Still involved with this car in the SIACC), Lester Beck and his 1912 Maxwell (Lester unfortunately passed away many years ago now), and Clinton Bowman and his 1914 Chalmers (Clinton is still in the SIACC, but the Chalmers is with a new owner).

The history of the SIACC has been a good one. It has seen members come and go through the years. It has seen member's children and grandchildren grow up in the club and become members themselves. Over the years the club has provided countless hours of enjoyment for it's members and with any luck it will continue to do so for many years into the future.

If you live in the area of southeast Iowa and would like to join us, please contact us through the email link at the bottom of the page and we will give you the information you need. Thanks for stopping by the SIACC Webpage.

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