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If you are a member of the Southeast Iowa Antique Car Club and would like a photo of your car presented here, please sent it to me in an email with the appropriate information and I will be happy to add it.

View Owner Year Make Model
SELECT Alt, Steve & Sandra 1923 Rickenbacker B6 Coupe (4 Passenger)
SELECT Alt, Steve & Sandra 1925 Rickenbacker B8 Brougham
SELECT Alt, Steve & Sandra 1928 Dodge Victory Six
SELECT Alt, Steve & Sandra 1930 American Austin Coupe
SELECT Alt, Steve & Sandra 1933 American Austin Roadster
SELECT Alt, Steve & Sandra 1950 Chrysler Club Coupe
SELECT Bank, Lloyd & Lori 1918 Ford "T" Touring
SELECT Barnes, Roger 1912 Ford "T" Commercial Roadster
SELECT Barnes, Roger 1921 Ford "T" Truck
SELECT Barnes, Roger 1931 Ford "A" Truck
SELECT Brickey, Bill & Dorothy 1929 Ford "A" Tudor Sedan
SELECT Calvert, Karl & Nancy 1914 Cartercar Touring
SELECT Carleton, Robert & Gayle 1921 Ford "T" Coupe
SELECT Daly, John J. & Marlene 1909 Sears None
SELECT Daly, John J. & Marlene 1924 Ford "T" Touring
SELECT Daly, John J. & Marlene 1931 Ford "A" Fore-door Slant-Windshield Sedan
SELECT Daly, John J. & Marlene 1949 Willys Overland Jeepster
SELECT The Lord!
Earthly caretakers: John and Amy Daly
1912 E-M-F Demi Tonneau
SELECT The Lord!
Earthly caretakers: John and Amy Daly
1912 Rauch & Lang Electric Brougham
SELECT The Lord!
Earthly caretakers: John and Amy Daly
1920 Ford "T" Centerdoor Sedan
SELECT The Lord!
Earthly caretakers: John and Amy Daly
1931 Desoto SA 4-Door Sedan
SELECT Fisher, John & Peggy 1931 Ford "A" Coupe
SELECT Fortune, James & Laura Ruth 1926 Ford "T" Tudor Sedan
SELECT Gerdes, Bob & Vicki 1919 Overland Touring
SELECT Gerdes, Bob & Berniece 1931 Ford "A" Deluxe Roadster
SELECT Gerdes, Jim & Judy 1929 Chandler 4-Dr. Sedan
SELECT Goode, Arthur & Gladys 1909 Ford "T" Touring
SELECT Hamm, Art & Bev 1925 Ford "T" Roadster
SELECT Herrick, Gilbert & Sandra 1926 Chevrolet 1 Ton Truck
SELECT Hudson, William & Joyce 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster
SELECT Kiesey, Brad & Deb 1923 Nash "Wiskey-Six Touring
SELECT Lowery, Mary & Gary 1925 Ford "T" Dirt Track Racer
SELECT Miner, Dave & Carol 1916 Rauch and Lang Electric
SELECT Miner, Ray & Mary Lou 1909 Maxwell Roadster
SELECT Peterson, Daniel & Jacqueline 1910 Sears None
SELECT Priebe, Dale & Ruby 1927 Ford "T" Coupe
SELECT Rebling, Harold & Beverly 1929 Ford "A" Roadster
SELECT Sater, Tom 1930 Ford "A" Panel Delivery Truck
SELECT Schultz, Warren & Elva 1932 Chevrolet Right-Hand-Drive Sport Roadster
SELECT Sobaski, Dick 1930 Ford "A" Deluxe Coupe
SELECT Stott, Bob & Johna 1932 Chevrolet Deluxe Four-Door Sedan
SELECT Walker, Dennis & Deb 1918 Ford "T" Touring
SELECT Watkins, Major 1911 Ford "T" Delivery
SELECT Young, Ken & Norma 1930 Dodge DC Coupe

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