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Car Club Links

Antique Car Club of America - Great car discussion groups for all types of antigue car.

Buick Club or America- This is the site of the Buick club.

The Antique Studebaker Club web site by Doc Hemp

Horseless Carriage Club of America - The premier brass era car club. Club magazine is the "Horseless Carriage Gazette".

Model T Ford Club of America - Great information about the Model T Ford. Includes a discussion forum.

Model T Ford Club International - This site contains an excellant discussion forum and loads of technical information.

National DeSoto Club - If your into DeSoto's, this site is DeLovely!

Northern California Chapter of the Antique Studebaker Club - There is a lot of good Studebaker stuff on this page, and some good information on the E-M-F.

Studebaker Drivers Club

Unofficial Studebaker Drivers Club Homepage

Studebaker Museum Web Site - Studebaker Museum in South Bend Indiana. This museum will do technical research in thier archive for a fee.

The History of Studebaker - This is a site if found that has the history of the Studebaker company, and of course, the E-M-F is mentioned.

Rex's Studebaker Page - This site also has some great restoration pages. I think you will enjoy them.

Vintage Car Club of Canada Antique Chapter - This site has a lot of great old car pictures. It is a chappter of the HCCA.

Vintage Chevrolet Club of America - If your into old Chevy's, this is the club for you. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Chevrolets from 1911 to 1979.

Parts Supplier Links

Bob's Antique Auto Parts - Ford Model T Parts Supplier in the Rockford, IL area.

The Brassworks - Radiators - If you need radiators, these guys may be able to help. I have a Brassworks Radiator on my Model T and I plan to check into thier services for help with the E-M-F. This link will give contact information.

C.A.R.S Web Page - Maker of new brass items for brass era cars.

Coker Tire Web Site - Tires are still available for the earlier cars. Here is a place to start looking.

Hemmings Motor news Web Site - If you are looking to buy or sell, Hemmings is a good place to start.

Kwik Poly Web Site - The product of 1000 use's. I have used this product on my Model T to restore some of the soft wood and to seal all the wood. This is great stuff.

Model T Haven - Original Ford Model T parts in Iola, KS. This guy has acres of parts.

Veteran Auto Lamps Website - Here is a source for lamp and headlight parts and restoration.

SIACC Member Links

E-M-F Homepage - The E-M-F Homepage provides one stop shopping for all E-M-F Automobile related information. This site is maintained by SIACC member John M. Daly.

Sears Motor Buggy Homepage - The Sears Homepage provides one stop shopping for all Sears Automobile related information. This site is maintained by SIACC member John M. Daly.

Rickenbacker Motors Homepage - This is the website for the Rickenbacker automoble. The "Factory Tours" page on this site is a "must see". This site is maintained by SIACC member Steve Alt.

Misc. Interesting Links

AutoColorLibrary Web Site - a free reference site containing thousands of original paint manufacturers color chip cards and standards that date back to the pre-1920's. The site contains the webs only color search engine designed to quickly display color chip cards, factory paint codes and paint specifications for most domestic and imported automobiles

Piquette Ford Plant Page - This is the web site for the Ford Piquette plant, which was the birth place of the Ford Model T. Just next door to this plant is the building which was the E-M-F Plant. In 1911, Studebaker purhaced the Piquette Ford plant.

Automobile Quarterly - This magazine (or closer to a book) is a great resource for the antique car lover. Check out their back issues.

Don Marsh's "Tips on Auto Body WoodWork". - Here is the link to the manual I bought for rewooding my E-M-F. If you have wood to redo, you should get this. Lots of great tips.

Old Car Price Guide - Want to know what your car is worth? Here is a page that may help you get an idea. I make no claimes to the accuracy. HAVE FUN!!!

Website of the Society of Automotive Historians, Inc. - If you are into the history of automobiles, this is a good site to check out. Lots of interesting reading.

Midwest Old Threshers Website - If you are into history, the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Plesent Iowa is for you. The SIACC displays cars each year at the reunion.

Midwest Old Threshers Reunion - by Stubert - If you are into history, the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Plesent Iowa is for you. This is a site built by a fan of the reunion.

Pre War Car - This is a great site with lots of great reading. I strongly recommend visiting and bookmarking this site.

Auto Geek - Web Auto Directory - A nice online car related site.

Brass cars in Sweden - Check out all the great Brass era cars.

Petes Vintage Auto - There is a lot of information to view on this site, and it appears to be growing bigger every day.

Early American Automobile - This site has many pages of great early automobile photos. You must check it out.

From Maine to Mexico - Tom Helling is a guy I went to school with from 1st grade through High School. He accepted Christ as his savior a few years ago and is now carrying a cross from Maine to Mexico as a way to get closer to God, and trying to do God's will along the way. I am also the webmaster for this site. Check it out and follow his journey.

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