The Southeast Iowa Antique Car Club (SIACC) has been involved with the Old Threshers reunion from it’s beginning in 1954. The club is involved in numerous ways

Antique Automobile Display

Old Car Building
A view down one of the isles in the 2 story car building.
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The SIACC provides 95% of the Antique Automobiles on display during the 5-day reunion. There are few places where you can see such a diverse group of pre-1950 cars. Club members can be found though out the two-levels of the antique car building and in the antique truck building to answer questions and provide more information on the cars.

Harvest Parade

To kick off the reunion each year, the Harvest parade rolls though downtown Mt. Pleasant on Wednesday afternoon and the SIACC is included. Come out ant see the cars and the other Old Threshers equipment as we kick off the reunion.

Cavalcade of Power

Parade Line Up
The antigue cars lined up for the parade.
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Each day of the reunion at 12:00 Noon, the SIACC members will participate in the “Cavalcade of Power”, the daily parade past the grandstand where you can see these automobiles operate, hear the roar of their engines and hear a little about each car as they go by. Most of the cars on display will participate in the parade each day.

Model T Ford Assembly

Put together T
SIACC team assembles a Model T Ford.
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Have you ever seen a Model T Ford assembles and driven away in 15 minutes or less? A team of SIACC members does this, usually on the Friday and Saturday mornings of the reunion in front of the grandstand at 11:30 AM (just before the parade). Come out and cheer them on as they try to beat their 9-minute record.

Chauffeuring Dignitaries

The SIACC members provide chauffeuring of several groups of people during the reunion including the sweet 16 pageant entries, the 50th anniversary couples, and the Old Threshers award recipients. Special guests of the reunion may also be transported including mayors, governors and musical guest stars.

Car Talks

Each day of the reunion, several members of the SIACC will give talks on antique car related topics just outside the front of the antique car building. Topics have included talks on the Stanley Steamer, the differences in the Model T Ford, the DeLaura steamer, Ford’s Quadra-cycle, The Model T ford planetary transmission, early vehicle transmissions, vacuum tanks, 2 and 4 cycle engines and acetylene headlights. Check the show schedule for the times and topics.

General Driving Around

There are few places where you can see antique cars out driving around, but the Old Threshers Reunion is one of them. You never know when you may see a Model T Ford, or a Sears Motor Buggy or a Stanley Steamer pass you by. If you are at the reunion at dusk, keep an eye out for the Daly’s in their 1917 Model T Ford with the kerosene cowl lights and taillight lit and see just how useful the magneto powered headlights could be.

If you are visiting the Old Threshers Reunion, please stop by the Antique Car Building located on the north side of the grounds just west of Snipe Run. We would be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you!

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